The Body I Have This Summer (Part 2)

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Since I first started writing the posts “The Body I Have This Summer (Parts 1 and 2)” I have already lost 2 pounds, bought a new two piece-bikini and retired my pre-pregnancy swimming suits and maternity ones too. Making peace with the body I have now and sharing it out loud that I want to reach my pre-pregnancy weight (155 pounds) has been working as a “miracle” formula for me. This and, most importantly, taking action and going back to exercising 3 times a week, between teaching Zumba, taking Zumba classes and walking/running outdoors. I am also eating more salads and veggies and less meat and bread, which I have done before but haven’t been consistent. This time it will be different because we are all holding each other accountable, right? Operation “Hot Mom’s Body Back” is in full force! Keep on reading

The Body I Have this Summer

Credit: David Martino and Mary Carpenter

There were only two times in my entire life when I was happy about gaining weight and watching my belly grow – first, when I was pregnant with my daughter and then my son. As soon as my babies were born, I wanted my old weight and flat belly back right away. Let’s say that losing the baby weight takes time, but how long does this process take? My oldest will be 4 in July, and I am still 165 pounds, 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. It should be perfectly fine only if I was not pretending all this time that I am happy with the body I have now. In reality, I want to be slimmer and 155 pounds again. I want to go to the beach wearing a two-piece swimming suit and walk with the confidence of a Victoria Secret model!

But how can that happen if for the past fours years I have been making excuses to not be in the best shape of my life? Keep on reading

Grandpa is in Heaven

IMG_0304How do I tell them that grandpa died? How do I tell my children that they will never see him again? That he will no longer visit us every Sunday? How do I explain that he will no longer play with them, hold them in his arms, travel with us, and give them that big beautiful smile? What are the right words to explain death to a 2 and a 3-year-old? How do I explain something that I myself can’t understand and can’t accept? All of these questions kept popping up as I learned last Friday (June 1, 2018) that my father-in-law passed away during his sleep just a couple months after discovering he had stage 4 cancer in different parts of his body. Keep on reading

This Summer


Summer is around the corner and I wonder how it makes you feel. I wonder which memories you are going to create this year. Not the ones that the pictures will capture but the ones you and your children will keep in your hearts. I invite you to read the scenarios I created for my Summer with my loved ones. Scenario 1 has the “glass half empty” perspective while Scenario 2 focus on having the “glass half full”. Honestly both have gone through my head these past couple weeks as I prepare for Summer. I am happy to share, though, that I am committed to choosing Scenario 2 (glass half full) over, and over, and I suggest that you consider doing the same. But for now, just read them and decide for yourself which Scenario you will be choosing this Summer. Keep on reading

No! Don’t! Stop!

IMG_0360Would you agree that one of the “side effects” of motherhood is to increase the daily use of the commands “No!”, “Don’t!” and Stop!”? I invite you to count how many times a day you say those commands to your children. Maybe 50? 100? 393? More? Don’t be shy because you are not alone. If you don’t believe me, just go to Target, Publix, Zoo, Children’s Museum or any place that has moms with small children to witness this phenomenon. Keep on reading

Do you feel like an octopus?

A few weeks ago, I saw this powerful image on Facebook (below), and I had no doubt that it was a sign. I was looking for the right name for this blog, for this special space to share, learn, teach, and support other moms just like me in the motherhood journey.


Art work credit: Prithvi Mishra

Right there, I crossed out all the other name options and selected “”.  The name is chosen, and it reflects how I feel everyday as a multi-tasking, stay-at-home mom, raising my two children, currently ages 2 and 3. I sure wish I had at least one extra pair of arms (or should I say tentacles?) to help me with all that motherhood requires, and with all the daily 300 requests from my toddlers. Or should I say 500? Keep on reading