Do you feel like an octopus?

A few weeks ago, I saw this powerful image on Facebook (below), and I had no doubt that it was a sign. I was looking for the right name for this blog, for this special space to share, learn, teach, and support other moms just like me in the motherhood journey.


Art work credit: Prithvi Mishra

Right there, I crossed out all the other name options and selected “”.  The name is chosen, and it reflects how I feel everyday as a multi-tasking, stay-at-home mom, raising my two children, currently ages 2 and 3. I sure wish I had at least one extra pair of arms (or should I say tentacles?) to help me with all that motherhood requires, and with all the daily 300 requests from my toddlers. Or should I say 500?


Photo credit: my wonderful husband

I am so proud to be writing this blog’s first post, and I am also a little nervous too. I keep thinking that just like I have been learning how to be a mother by being one, I will learn to be a blogger as well by blogging. Wish me luck!

I invite you to journey with me, but not before sharing that even though I have been surviving motherhood with “just” two arms, I wouldn’t mind having some extra arms and a pair of wings as well! Just like the mother in the artwork by Prithvi Mishra (above). What about you?


Welcome to “The Octopus Mama”, a blog written with love, during children’s nap or quiet time, by a Brazilian living in the U.S., whose first language is Portuguese. Cheers!


Author: theoctopusmama

My name is Ana Rubenstein. I am a mother willing to inspire other mothers and to be inspired by them. I have two children and I often feel just like an octopus with its 8 tentacles multitasking and juggling the many hats I wear in life. Wife, daughter, sister, friend, Zumba instructor, and motherhood blogger. Nice to meet you, I am the Octopus Mama.

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