This Summer


Summer is around the corner and I wonder how it makes you feel. I wonder which memories you are going to create this year. Not the ones that the pictures will capture but the ones you and your children will keep in your hearts. I invite you to read the scenarios I created for my Summer with my loved ones. Scenario 1 has the “glass half empty” perspective while Scenario 2 focus on having the “glass half full”. Honestly both have gone through my head these past couple weeks as I prepare for Summer. I am happy to share, though, that I am committed to choosing Scenario 2 (glass half full) over, and over, and I suggest that you consider doing the same. But for now, just read them and decide for yourself which Scenario you will be choosing this Summer. Keep on reading

No! Don’t! Stop!

IMG_0360Would you agree that one of the “side effects” of motherhood is to increase the daily use of the commands “No!”, “Don’t!” and Stop!”? I invite you to count how many times a day you say those commands to your children. Maybe 50? 100? 393? More? Don’t be shy because you are not alone. If you don’t believe me, just go to Target, Publix, Zoo, Children’s Museum or any place that has moms with small children to witness this phenomenon. Keep on reading

Do you feel like an octopus?

A few weeks ago, I saw this powerful image on Facebook (below), and I had no doubt that it was a sign. I was looking for the right name for this blog, for this special space to share, learn, teach, and support other moms just like me in the motherhood journey.


Art work credit: Prithvi Mishra

Right there, I crossed out all the other name options and selected “”.  The name is chosen, and it reflects how I feel everyday as a multi-tasking, stay-at-home mom, raising my two children, currently ages 2 and 3. I sure wish I had at least one extra pair of arms (or should I say tentacles?) to help me with all that motherhood requires, and with all the daily 300 requests from my toddlers. Or should I say 500? Keep on reading

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